Start with a plan . . . and a calendar.

Build better results into every aspect of the fundraising year with a relationship-focused calendar.  Seeing the work not as a series of tasks to be accomplished, but a blueprint for deepening existing relationships and initiating new prospects into the power of your work. We’ll look at the necessary components to every development calendar and fine tune your calendar to the particulars of your organization. Are you an arts organization that fund raises around performances?  Are you tied to the seasons, a tourist destination, a human service provider that experiences great fluctuation in need? Every organization has its own opportunities and challenges and your plan for raising resources throughout the year needs to consider all the angles. Together we’ll discuss each unique case study in our group and work together to design donor-centered plans. Participants will finish this session with a high-level plan and follow-up during the month will focus on filling in the spaces.

Common People United