Woman reading about the cost of high turnover in fundraising jobs

CEOs / Executive Directors

Non-profits don’t exist just to do fundraising. Your organization has bigger goals than raising money and no one will blame an Executive Director if you are a little more excited about changing the world than you are about a year-end giving letter. The problem you face is that development does not just magically happen. You need great people who know the work.

Being able to meet your mission does depend, in large part, on the people that make up your development department. If they find themselves stressed, overwhelmed, confused, or ready to quit, how can you help them through? Investing in training and support for your development department is one of the great encouragers. It’s a key way to show your fundraising professionals that the whole organization is invested in their success -- and their personal growth.

And if, in the quest to find development talent, you’ve hired promising people who are new to the nonprofit world and new to development, you may be looking for a unique training opportunity that will bring them up to speed with content and format that support long term success.

Whether you choose to send one or two staff members to a Cohort in your community or bring an Intensive to your workplace, we can work with you to encourage, elevate and motivate your development professionals, whether they are just starting out, mid-career practitioners, or seasoned veterans.

And no less importantly, if you’re doing most of the fundraising yourself, either because your staff is small or because you hold most of the relationships personally, we’d love to accompany you as you develop strategies and tactics and roll those out. Inviting people to share your passion is one of the most rewarding parts of leading an organization. Let’s talk about how you can continue to do it well.

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