what we do

With a goal of empowering development professionals to feel confident in their work, satisfied with their career, and willing to stay for the long haul, we’ve developed six modules to cover the key components of every development strategy, no matter the particular industry. We’ll encourage learners to share successes and challenges openly, see other development staff members (inside and outside of their own organization) as colleagues not competitors, and talk candidly about the ups and downs of being committed to an organization that depends on public generosity to meet its mission.


We offer these practical, thought-provoking modules in two ways, both designed to fully engage participants, encourage creativity, and provide opportunities for self-reflection (and humor). In addition to these two major offerings, we're happy to talk with you about private mentoring.



Development cohorts

A  Development Cohort is a group of 6-8 professionals in a community, working together over six months to cover all modules. The activities are designed to teach, inspire, and build a connection among members that lasts long after our experience has ended. We’re happy to conduct a Cohort in any community that has enough interest to fill the group.

Cohort Members participate in:

  • One 4-hour group training per month based on the Intensive Modules
  • One 2-hour private coaching/consulting session per month at their organization
  • Two scheduled 20 minute phone sessions per month
  • All training materials
  • Quick questions via text or email
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Development INTENSIVES

A Development Intensive consisting of one specific module can be conducted for the staff of your organization, on your site, over two days. Intensives can be tailored to fit the particular needs of your staff and can include group learning, individual coaching, and board teaching.

Cohort Members participate in:

  • Two 4-hour group training sessions, over one or two days, for department or selected team members

  • Two 2-hour private coaching/consulting sessions for two staff member on-site during the two-day engagement

  • Two scheduled 20 minute phone sessions per month for three subsequent months after intensive


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