Joan baumgartner brown

Joan Baumgartner Brown

With more than 40 years of social profit experience, as CEO, CDO, trustee, and some other interesting iterations of nonprofit positions Joan Baumgartner Brown brings diverse perspectives to her teaching, consulting and coaching. Having mentored development professionals in human service, arts and culture, health care and foundation leadership, both at home in the Midwest and internationally, Joan brings both depth and breadth of knowledge to the training and retaining of future leaders for the sector.


Serious about results, but not so serious about herself, Joan infuses her work with humor and empathy, and values relationship building above all other forms of resource development. She believes the work to be immeasurably satisfying and indescribably weighty, all at the same time, and is committed to nurturing development professionals who grow to be successful, creative and resilient. And who strengthen their communities by staying in the sector.