Is there such a thing as a “minor” donor?

When we talk with many organizations, particularly board members, one of the key concerns in that not enough time and attention is being spent on “major donors”. And those folks are, for most of us, who will provide the significant funding for our operations, special projects, capital campaigns, and endowments.  Learning to see every donor as a potential major relationship changes priorities and produces results, but it does take special planning to steward our high level donors, and also board members, well. Gratitude, respect, recognition all have to be planned for and carried out with great care. When do we involve board members and senior level staff members? We’ll look at recognition programs, special donor events, personal visits  and how these activities weave together. Learners will be challenged to move out of their comfort zone and engage significant contributors at an enhanced level that deepens the donors attraction for and commitment to the work.

Common People United